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Sustainable Journey

Sanrix Paper's core business is to continue exploring ethical sourcing, responsible manufacturing process, and consistent quality tissue product solutions.

We've been trusted by our partners:

State of the art Advanced Manufacturing Facility for tissue converting

Located in the Johor state of Malaysia, our newly completed 6-star energy-rated advanced manufacturing facility has been designed and built with the latest sustainability features and the efficiency to meet high-volume and consistency tissue converting production requirements.

Our Sustainability Targets

Making sustainable and responsible business operation decisions isn’t always easy, particularly in challenging times. However, we know that our business practices can significantly impact the world, so we only work with suppliers who share the same values and ensure we are always compliance ready.

Why Sanrix Paper?

Worldwide Renowned Manufacturer In Tissue Converting Industry Through Innovation
Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities
International Ho.Re.Ca, Retail & AfH Experience
Private Label Product Development & Supports
One-stop Supply Chain Solution

CSR Project Update:

Conservation Research Project with WWF-Malaysia

In mid-2021, Sanrix Paper partnered with WWF-Malaysia branch as a corporate sponsor for the Camera Trapping Study in Pedu Forest Reserve project...

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